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Brekke Sales Line Card

Leading manufacturer of engineer specified ASME commercial/industrial water heaters since 1961.


Thermostatic mixing valves for large, medium, point of use and emergency equipment.


Precision Plumbing Products offering Water Hammer Arrestors,Trap Primers, and Tempera Valve.


Stingray Systems – Tepid is the “safe zone” of temperatures for emergency drench shower and eye/face wash solutions.


ProSet Systems – ProSet the oldest and most experienced in firestop devices for the piping trades, and waterproofing.


Circuit Solver – Self-actuating thermostatic recirculation valve for domestic hot water systems. Embrace the Technology ®


Engineered water heaters for commercial, industrial, food service, off shore and marine applications.


AGS is a leading manufacturer with over 25 years in the market developing a complete line of high quality gas safety systems.


Manufacturing Oil Separators, Solids Interceptors and Chemical Waste Tanks with a Lifetime Guarantee.


Founded in 1990, Elbi of America, Inc. is an innovative manufacturing company offering Water Storage, Heating and Treatment.Systems.