• PVI Water Heaters

    Manufacturing ASME commercial water heaters including high efficient gas-fired water heaters, dual-fuel, gas/ oil, electric, steam to water, semi-instantaneous steam, instantaneous steam, boiler water to water, and storage tanks. 

    PVI Water Heaters
  • Lawler Valve

    Manufacturer of a wide range of lead free thermostatic mixing valves which are used to blend hot and cold water producing tempered water for individual showers and group showers used in schools, hotels and nursing homes. Other applications include emergency shower and eyewash units, photographic processing, commercial and industrial tempered water, tub spas, wash down stations, and large regulating valves.

    Lawler Valve
  • Enervex

    Venting design solutions including induced draft systems, combustion air systems, dryer fan systems, grease fan systems, and waste heat recovery systems.

  • Schier Products

    Manufacturers of the highest quality products for the treatment of commercial and industrial wastewater. Grease interceptors, Oil separators, solids interceptors, chemical waste tanks, neutralization systems and process systems.

    Schier Products
  • Speakman Products

    Manufacturer of shower valves, showerheads and accessories, emergency shower, eyewash facewash products, and commercial plumbing products including: lavatory faucets, lab faucets, metering faucets and sensor faucets.

    Speakman Products
  • ProSet Systems

    Firestop penetrations, water guard sleeves, trap guard, anchortek inserts, fore rated boxes, T-Rite drains, water guards and Whisper quiet pipe.

    ProSet Systems
  • Hubbell Water Heaters

    Engineered water heaters for commercial, industrial, food service, off shore and marine.

    Hubbell Water Heaters
  • Circuit Solver

    Thermostatic recirculation valves which constantly and automatically respond to water temperature changes in branch lines.

    Circuit Solver
Brekke Sales Line Card below

Leading manufacturer of engineer specified ASME commercial/industrial water heaters since 1961.

Thermostatic mixing valves for large, medium, point of use and emergency equipment.

Waste heat recovery systems, on demand combustion air and mechanical venting systems for water heaters, boilers, dryers and fireplaces.

High density polyethylene interceptors for grease, solids, oil and chemical waste.

Showerheads, faucets and safety equipment since 1869.

Firestopping and waterproofing systems.

Self-actuating thermostatic Recirculation valve for domestic hot water systems.

Engineered water heaters for commercial, industrial, food service, off shore and marine applications.